Young Lions Tournament


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Damon Townsend, Capital HS Kyle Benson, Lockport Township HS Calvin Sun, Orange County GC
Yang Xu, Highland Park HS Sean He, Montville Township HS Jerry Shen, Orange County GC
Justin Teng, Montgomery HS Ji Sang Kim, Montville Township HS Jimmy Guo, Redwood Shores GC
Jasmine Yan, JP Stevens HS Christopher Lee, Montville Township HS Tony Zhang, Redwood Shores GC
Zhongxia Zhao, JP Stevens HS Daniel Liu, Morningstar Chinese Sammy Zhang, Redwood Shores GC
Lawrence Xie, JP Stevens HS Curtis Tang, Orange County GC Brandon Lin, Saratoga HS


Jack Ye, Bellaire HS Richard Yu, Hunter College HS Kfir Dolev, Palo Alto HS
Jennifer Gitlin, Bolton HS Gavriel Loria, Hunter College HS Mark Nishimura, Palo Alto HS
Brian Wu, Cary Chinese Wilson Cheah, Millennium HS Ezana Berhane, Pasadena Central GC
Sicheng Zeng, Cary Chinese Rahul Ghosal, JP Stevens HS* Jonathan Luc, Pasadena Central GC
Alex Yang, Cary Chinese Jonathan Lin, Jasper HS D’mitri Moore, Renaissance HS
Tim McCaffery, East Meadow HS Greg Zhang, Jasper HS Andrew Olders, Royal West Academy*
Lane Trapp, Fair Oaks ES Andrew Baily, Korean League Eric Wu, Robert Lazar MS
Amy Su, Feng Yun GS Alvin Doe, Korean League* Jeff Wu, Robert Lazar MS
Eddie Xu, Feng Yun GS Joseph Brezeale, Korean League* Anthony Su, Saratoga HS*
Gabby Su, Feng Yun GS Carrie Thompson, Korean League David Su, Saratoga HS*
Brian Shin, Highland Ranch GC Maher Qandil, Lockport Township HS Kevin Ma, Saratoga HS*
Albert Hwang, Highland Ranch GC Justin Oh, Manlius Pebble Hill Joseph Lee, Scarsdale HS
Diana Yang, Highland Ranch GC Meredith Leu, Mission San Jose HS* Chun Yeh, Walt Whitman HS
Larkin Xu, Highland Park HS Joshua Wu, Mission San Jose HS


Walter Chang, Bellaire HS Zack Maher, Manlius Pebble Hill Nicky Kerr, Pasadena Central GC
Jerry Zhang, Bellaire HS Marcus Gould, Manlius Pebble Hill Clay Shyu, Prince of Wales SS
Christian Haught, DuBois Area HS Terry Luo, Mason Huaxia Chinese Mark Sayson, Prince of Wales SS
Jimmy Feher, East Meadow HS Jerry Qiu, Mason Huaxia Chinese Ann Wu, Robert Lazar MS
Zarin Loosli, Fair Oaks ES Andrew Liu, Montgomery HS Jordan Dere, Royal West Academy
Peter Hamilton, Fair Oaks ES Quinton Skilling, Moline HS Jonathan Lin, Royal West Academy
Emma Boggs, Fair Oaks ES Luke Jones, Moline HS Nate Morrison, Saratoga HS
Casey Juliussen, Fair Oaks ES Galen Emanuel, Montgomery HS Andrew Ng, Sedgwick ES
Amos Chung, Hunter College HS John Lin, Morningstar Chinese Yair Simonson, Sharon HS
David Xu, Hunter College HS Eric Liu, Morningstar Chinese Zosh Simonson, Sharon HS
Rebecca Cheng, Indian Hills HS Patrick Wang, Morningstar Chinese Rasheeq Naq, Stuyvesant HS
Edmond Xu, Indian Hills HS Daniel Zhang, Morningstar Chinese Ben Johnson, Walt Whitman HS
Kristian Wang, Jasper HS Chris Zhang, Morningstar Chinese Beibo Zhao, Walt Whitman HS
Viral Kotecha, Jasper HS Zili Wang, Morningstar Chinese Jeremy Chang, Walnut HS
Eric Chen, Jasper HS Jeffrey Yang, Palo Alto HS Devin Schaefer, Ward Melville HS
Eric Lee, Lowell HS William Bremer, Pasadena Central GC Ling-Ling Zhang, Ward Melville HS
Dani Kerr, Pasadena Central GC


John Zhu, Cary Chinese Natalia Loosli, Fair Oaks ES Tiffany Lui, Morningstar Chinese
Alvin Chen, Cary Chinese Ashlyn Marler, Fair Oaks ES Alvyn Wang, Morningstar Chinese
Kevin Kwong, Cary Chinese Madison Marler, Fair Oaks ES Jason Yong, Oakdale HS
David Hao, Cary Chinese Sophie Eisman, Fair Oaks ES Brandy Kerr, Pasadena Central GC
Alex Kuang, Cary Chinese Savannah Hinkel, Fair Oaks ES Joshua Schery, Pasadena Central GC
Hannah Shaw, Cary Chinese Marisa Bruner, Fair Oaks ES Tiffany Kerr, Pasadena Central GC
Shaun Variez, East Meadow HS Emma Ke, FCD Chinese Kevin Liou, Pasadena Central GC
Shannon Kavannagh, East Meadow HS Vivian Zhuang, FCD Chinese David Schery, Pasadena Central GC
Esther Yee, East Meadow HS Seth Freeman, Hebbville Academy Sophie Zhu, Saratoga HS
Jason Mcntee, East Meadow HS Courtney Sarty, Hebbville Academy Vincent Wu, Saratoga HS
Melinda Calderon, East Meadow HS Liam Girvan, Hebbville Academy Shanelle Wang, Saratoga HS
Mike Stallone, East Meadow HS Kyle Collicut, Hebbville Academy Calvin Xia, Sedgwick ES
Anthony Ruggiero, East Meadow HS Jacob Dietz, Indian Hills HS Simon Tong, Stuyvesant HS
Jenny Sabel, East Meadow HS Katherine Ye, JP Stevens HS Ru Hong Li, Stuyvesant HS
Dakota Parker, East Meadow HS Wayne Zhu, Mason Huaxia Chinese Dillon Rodenbaugh, Thorton HS
Matt Wittlinger, East Meadow HS Matt Mueller, Moline HS Kenneth Wales, Prince of Wales SS
Megan Swarthout, Fair Oaks ES Jacob Yaggi, Sedgwick ES

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