Members and Officers

Officer Bios (2016-2017)

Sammy Zhang

Co-President, Sammy Zhang

Sammy is currently a senior at Carlmont High School in California. He has been playing Go for 12 years and has competed in numerous national and local tournaments. He was the Redmond Cup runner-up in 2011. Sammy started a Go club at his high school in 2014 to introduce Go to other students at his school and teach them general strategies and life and death skills. Outside of Go, Sammy loves math, software development, and robotics. He also loves to play tennis and video games with his friends.

Brandon Ho

Co-President, Brandon Ho

Brandon Ho is a Junior at East Brunswick High School in New Jersey. He has played Go competitively for 4 years, and is currently AGA 5 dan. He has attended many local and national Go tournaments, including the U.S. Go Congress, which he attended for 3 years in a row. Brandon has started a Go class in his Chinese school, and has been teaching there for over 2 years. He also organizes a Go club in his public library, where he introduces the game to new people, and has been teaching there for over a year. When he isn’t playing go, Brandon enjoys playing piano, competing in math competitions, and pondering his existence.

Terry Luo

Vice President, Terry Luo

Terry Luo is a junior at William Mason High School in Ohio. He is currently AGA 2 dan and has been playing go for eight years. He teaches Go to kids every week at Hua Xia Chinese School. Terry hopes that he can promote Go so that he has more people to play with :D Besides playing Go, Terry also competes on his high school's Science Olympiad team and plays the violin.

Gabriella Su

Promotion Head, Gabriella Su

Gabriella is currently a junior at Somerset County Vocational and Technical High School in Bridgewater, New Jersey. She has played Go ​for nine years and is AGA 6dan. Gabby represented the U.S. at the 2012 World Mind Sports Games, the 34th World Youth Go Championship, and the 2016 and 2017 International Pair Go Championships in Tokyo. She has taught Go at Huaxia Chinese school and hopes to introduce​/teach​ Go to ​more people​. Besides Go, she enjoys traveling​, listening to music,​ and playing tennis.

Gilbert Feng

Treasurer, Gilbert Feng

Gilbert Feng is currently a junior at Homestead High School. He has been playing Go for 9 years, and is an AGA 3 dan. Gilbert has competed in various tournaments, was the US Open 1-dan division champion in 2014 and the US Open 2-dan division champion in 2015. He founded a Go Club at his school to introduce Go to more people. Outside of Go, Gilbert spends his free time doing competitive math, cross country, and basketball.

Amy Wang

Tournament Director, Amy Wang

Amy Wang is currently a junior at John P. Stevens High School in Edison, NJ. She has played Go for 8 years and is currently AGA 3D. She represented US at the 2013 and 2015 International Pair Go Championships in Japan and is also the co-founder of the Soaring (Black and White) Go Club in Edison, NJ. Besides Go, she is a part of the marching band and enjoys drawing.

Jeremy Chiu

Tournament Director, Jeremy Chiu

Jeremy Chiu is a sophomore at Lynbrook High School in San Jose, CA. He began playing go at the age of five, and his love of the game has only grown since then. Currently rated AGA 7d, Jeremy has represented the US in several international youth and adult tournaments, including the 2013 and 2015 World Youth Go Championship and 2016 Korean Prime Ministers' Cup. Outside of playing go, Jeremy enjoys doing math, being part of FBLA, and sleeping nine hours a day.

Andrew Luo

Webmaster, Andrew Luo

Andrew Luo is a Senior at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Chicago, Illinois. He’s been playing Go for 6 years and is currently AGA 2 dan. He founded the Lake County Go Club to promote the game and hopes that he’ll have more people to play in real life in the future. Besides Go, Andrew also enjoys playing guitar and piano, doing math, and competing on his school’s swim team.

Aaron Ye

Secretary, Aaron Ye

Aaron Ye is currently a sophomore at Cupertino High and the current president of his school's Go club. He started to learn Go when I was 5 and is currently ranked as AGA 7 dan. Aaron has won American Redmond Cup championship five times and was awarded the American Go Meijin title. He placed 3rd in the International Youth Ing Go Championship tournament held in Tokyo in 2016. With a passion for playing Go, he is also very interested in promoting Go among American Youth.

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AGHS Volunteering - If you are interested in volunteering for the AGHS and furthering go in America, check out the application. The application is quick and simple, yet it offers a rewarding experience in the AGHS.

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Future Leaders Immersion Program - FLIP is a program designed for youth in secondary schools to advance their leadership skills. This experience will allow them to work in all of the AGHS volunteer fields as well as:

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